The appearance of fairy-tale heroines eg Draupadi, Shakuntala and you may Ahalya variations a focal point out of Mrs

An effective.’s musings, and you can turned into a defining element of the research. Precisely what do you think provided Satya Nand to use its tales so you can Mrs. A great.’s life?

Among one thing I adore regarding it text try the time – just for the brink regarding Freedom, not around yet but close enough to end up being infused by an effective feeling of freedom

I can’t give a good answer to this one – Satya Nand’s personal motives are opaque, however, I am aware you to definitely their demand for religion just like the a resource getting understanding the mind spanned his career, hence as he concerned emphasise present including the Bhagavad-gita in his later functions, in early works, that is very modern, he integrated facts regarding varied traditions.