At this time, there are 0 wager-free free spins offer available in NZ

At this time, there are 0 wager-free free spins offer available in NZ

No Deposit, No Wager Free Spins

From one of the most lucrative, to definitely the most lucrative. No Deposit, No Wager Free Spins are free spins that cost nothing to claim and cost nothing to withdraw either.

The way it works is that you can claim them without the need for a deposit, play with them and then, if you win, take the money immediately and leave.

As such, they cost nothing to claim and can see you win money than you can take with you immediately, with no commitment to the casino. As such, whenever you see these, it is advisable you claim them as they are the best deal on the market, but due to their nature, they are very rare.

At this time, there are 0 no deposit, no wager free spins offer available in NZ. We will update this page as soon as a new offer comes up.

Mega Free Spins

As we mentioned before, the cost of spins on pokies game can range from $0.01 to over $500. When you play with normal free spins you are on the lower end of the spectrum, so your possibility to not only win but win big is lower.

When it comes to Mega Free Spins, you are on the higher end of the spectrum, this means that your chance of winning will be higher and the amount you can win, will also be higher.

Making them more lucrative, but often also you will get fewer of them, for example. 5-10 Mega Spins which may cost you more to earn. It is worth noting, that some free pokies, even have a mega spin feature built into the engineering.

At this time, there is 0 NZ online casino offering mega spins. We will update this page as soon as a new offer comes up.

Wagering Requirements and Limitations

There are two things that you should consider before you commit to any of these free spins options. This is the wagering requirement and limitations attached to free spins.

The first of these is most important as they can be found on the majority of deals. What wagering requirements ask from you is to play again with any funds you have won a set amount of times.

This might be, say 20x, so if you have won $1 you will need to play with it 20x before it can actually be withdrawing. Until than point, it is not technically your winnings. While we understand it is annoying, it is a way to keep things fair between players and the casinos and stop users claiming free spins and never returning.

While limitations is the amount of cash that can actually be won with free spins. This will essentially cap the amount of money you can win with free spins. For example, a casino may offer you free spins, but you can only win up to $50 with them. As such, even if you hit a jackpot, if you are using a free spin, you will only be able to claim $50.

Both of these things, as well as any other terms and conditions, should always be considered before claiming any free spin deal at an NZ online casino.

Free Spins Top Tips

Now that you know what free spins are and how they work, as well as some other elements to consider, it now time to read our top tips for claiming free spins:

  • More For Less mobile visa casino – Ensure you are on the lookout for deals with small deposits but offer a large number of free spins. For example, a deal with a $10 deposit but earns you 100 free spins.


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