It tells you what they like in bed

It tells you what they like in bed

“Mercury represents communication and mental processes,” says DeFranco. “If there are problems in a relationship, Mercury is going to be the best placement to lean into for neutralizing conflict. A relationship could have great synastry but if the communication isn’t there then they’re never going to make it.” The good news is, you don’t have to have compatible Mercury signs to communicate well. “Compatibility is about ease but learning about how each partner’s Mercury functions will certainly foster understanding between two partners.”

It allows you to connect deeper

“The 5th house, ruled by Leo, represents our passions in life. This is the house where we pass our time with joy and pleasure, and where you will find hobbies and passions,” says Garbis. “The signs placed in this house, or on the cusp will give you an idea of the type of person and the type of fun you like to have in a relationship.”

For example, fiery signs like Leo, Aries and Sagittarius living in this house like to have fun and desire an active, passionate, partner who likes to have fun. Water signs in this house love emotional relationships, falling in love, and fighting for each other or with each other. There a if Scorpio, Cancer or Pisces is living in the 5th house. Earth signs in the 5th house love stability. They a as water, but sensually, they enjoy pleasures of the body and home. Earth in this house might love “Netflix and Chill” nights. Air in the fifth house, like Gemini and Aquarius, requires mental stimulation and will love partners that make them think that they can talk all day with. Libra loves balance and harmony.

Mars is especially important in couple relationships, says Donelson, because ong other things). “Your Mars placement can tell you how important sex is and the types of sex you enjoy. I look to Mars a lot when couples are experiencing a difference in desire for sex. Your ple, a Taurus in Mars placement might like to keep things soft and sensual while an Aquarius Mars might like things kinky.

It reveals their romantic nature

“Watching for the planet Venus in the chart and all of its aspects will give you a well rounded view of your person’s romantic nature,” says Garbis. “Their sensuality, how much attention they like, or like to give, how they like to please and be caffmos pleased, and their opinion of love is ruled by this planet. Inspecting every house that contains Taurus, Libra or Venus can give you a good idea of how they like to love.”

It tells you just how committed they are

The 8th house, ruled by Scorpio or Pluto, is the house of sex, marriages and other peoples money: “This house elaborates and continues the 7th house relationship from who is your partner, to how your relationship works,” says Garbis. “The planets or signs in this house or on the cusp explains how you and your partner behave in marriage, how you handle money and household affairs, and attitudes towards sex.”

Fire signs in this house may run hot, be passionate, but be frivolous. Earth signs want to create a very wealthy family and leave behind a legacy but not might be the best communicators. Air signs are the communicators, Garbis adds: “They like to talk and explore, but they also may have dual sides, and act out their dark sides inside their personal relationships.”

Water signs in the 8th house create intense relationships. They crave security but they can also be highly emotional and unpredictable.


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