A backwards way of trying to do business and fundamentally, with MLM you are not creating a business

LOL I couldn’t help but laugh throughout this entire post because it was so true and am guilty for being apart of it trying to promote energy drink products. A friend came from out of town for a conference/awards ceremony at the fanciest hotel in the city and invited me to check it out and got caught up with all the bells, whistles and cheering and signed on.

I am very thankful to wealthy affiliates and the community for all the quality training and support and for proving there truly are good marketing systems that work when people are willing to put in the effort for success.

It can absolutely be a cult mentality, all the cheering within the crowd and we need to remember that 97% of those people aren’t making money. They are being sold on the people that get to go up on stage, which are the limited few that are higher up in the scheme…which most will never have any chance of achieving.

The MLM’s with great products survive, the ones that base their success on “rah rah” conferences and the recruitment of others into the program will eventually see their demise, either through an FTC/SEC takedown (if their operation is illegal) or simply running out of people to fool into the scheme.

And if you are like most, when you end up hanging up your MLM boots, you are left with drawers and boxes of “extra” product that you never used.