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ASL signs were drawn from several sources: previous in-house psycholinguistic experiments, the Appendix from ), ASL translations of British Sign Language (BSL) signs from Vinson et al. (2008), and ASL translations of low and high frequency English words from SUBTLEXAll of us ( The latter were selected in order to create frequency-balanced survey sections (see below). “Neutral” fingerspelled words (Haptonstall-Nykaza Schick, 2007) were not included, although a few lexicalized fingerspelled signs were included (#BACK, #FEBRUARY).

All of the ASL signs was in fact developed by an equivalent deaf local signer (girls, middle-old, White, produced on North-East Us, resides in Ca). Cues was in fact lead having appropriate mouth body gestures otherwise natural mouthings out of this new involved English term. Mouthing wasn’t avoided as mouthing is a common element off ASL cues (Nadolske Rosenstock, 2007), and isolated signs delivered with no throat moves are regarded as abnormal.